“Learn how to move past your money beliefs so you can live the abundant life you deserve."

I'm Ready To Unf*ck My Money!

"Your net worth can only increase in relation to your level of self-worth."

Does this describe you?

  • You feel like an imposter because while you have a thriving business and live a spiritually abundant life, you struggle with your personal finances

  • You avoid money conversations because you feel insecure, fearful, or out of control around money

  • You’re intimidated by traditional financial advisors and the financial industry overall

  • You can create money but spend it just as fast as it comes in

I'm ready to Unf*ck my money

Times have changed and now more than ever, the world needs more financially educated, empowered, and abundant women to show up fully embodied in their Divine feminine leadership.

You have the power to change your financial legacy forever, but before you can make the impact that you desire for yourself, your loved ones, and the causes you care about – you must be willing to Unf*ck Your Money Mindset.

The Unf*ck Your Money Mindset course
 is for women who are ready to play bigger, reprogram their beliefs, and release the disempowering narratives that keep them in struggle, scarcity, and operating within the confines of the status quo.


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You deserve to receive and experience unprecedented levels of joy, wealth and abundance in every area of your life. Nothing is impossible for a woman who knows her worth and stands unshakeable in her Self Authority.

Stephanie Schmid

"I'm so appreciative of our first meeting together. I was nervous going into it, as finances trigger deep fears in myself, but you were able to meet me where I was, to bring me the right tools and first steps I might take, without overwhelming me. It was easy to put aside a small amount of money to begin saving again, bit by bit, and as a self employed, aspiring entrepreneur, implementing business hours and sticking to them has not only a) strengthened my boundaries around time/space in a small shared home, b) allow myself to turn off office hours and properly relax at the end of the day, and finally c) be more productive within the work hours allotted. I'm excited to grow within these steps, and look forward to where they'll take me."

Alex Torres

"Patrina you are such an amazing woman! You are a great leader, Coach, business boss babe, and a soul that illuminates bright! Meeting you was the best thing that happen to me because it embarked me on a journey of self-discovery and self-love!"

Nevaina Rhodes

"Very grateful for you. Thank you for changing my conversation and connection with money. I heard it said once…The way you feel about money is the way money will feel about you. I’m feeling very good about money and I’m excited about the abundance.”

Brandye Reed 

"Patrina Wisdomthank you for not only sharing your life with me but thank you for allowing me to understand the importance of #financialfreedom

Thank God, my Mommy Doris Reed and Daddy Larry Reed (Lawrence) who were always very well planned for the “unknown” and now it’s time for me to make sure I take the extra steps for my children and my children’s children...

I’ve been debt free for quite some time now but I’m ready to walk into 2019 with 2020 #vision about my my family business and family financial growth.."


Patrina is an unshakable optimist and is dedicated to helping women become the person they most want to be.

Patrina Wisdom serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, financial expert, educator, retreat host, podcaster, and over all Badass Bodacious Mom.


This Ted X Speaker is on a mission with her Badass Bodacious Life Movement to LEAD, INSPIRE, and EMPOWER women to Stand in Their Personal Power and Create their Best Life!


After losing her husband of 20 years to suicide in 2009 and learning that she was pregnant with her fourth child the same day, Patrina took her personal story and decades of experience as an entrepreneur and fearless business leader and began the process of creating her brand the Badass Bodacious Life.

"When you heal your money relationship, you can unlock limitless abundance"

“To live a Badass Bodacious life means to own your truth and to take up space through total and unapologetic self-expression” -states Wisdom.

The Badass Bodacious Life Movement is equipping women nationwide to be the CEO of their lives.

As an influential speaker for women, Patrina speaks at many conferences about the importance of mindfulness and wellness where she inspires women to live healthy and balanced lives.

Her impactful delivery of her motivational talks for women, move audiences into action as she teaches leadership through her insights and experiences.

With a penchant for high levels of detail, fierce female advocacy, and unmatched professionalism, Patrina is a firm believer in integrity, quality, respect, trust, courage, and ultimately living a life of abundance.

Whether it’s through personal development, spiritual attunement, or financial growth -Patrina is deeply passionate about showing women how to achieve long-term fulfillment, harmony, and peace of mind in all areas of their lives.

I'm Ready To Unf*ck My Money!

Creating a new wealth paradigm for women is important because:

Women are 80% more likely than men to be impoverished at retirement National Institute on Retirement Security

85% of women control their families’ day-to-day finances, but few control long-term financial planning decisions UBS Media

90% of the world’s millionaires are men. Only 10% are women. Global Data Wealth Insight

Living a Badass Bodacious life requires having a more trusting and loving relationship with your money.

Are you ready to UnF*ck Your Money Mindset so you can have more joy, wealth, and fulfillment?


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